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December 06, 2008


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Rashana Opal buttolph

Sure wish I was there with you Mrs. Amy to support you as being one of your biggest fans. I can't wait till you come to Fort Worth or Dallas again to do a Christmas concert as I will be there for sure and I will make a point to meet you next time.
I sure hope the other band members from the other bus did not disturb y'alls sleep to much. Please be safe and I will continue to lift you all in prayer for traveling safety and for many more nights of beautiful Amy and Vince Christmas music. Take care and be Blessed. Merry Christmas to You and Vince and y'alls family

Kimberly Garneau

Wonderful Show Amy & Vince! My favorite part of the show was the soundcheck. I dragged my poor husband to the soundcheck and he said he'd listen to Vince play guitar anytime. Thank you for the photo opportunity. And thanks for coming to Maine again, last concert was 20 years ago in Portland for the Lead Me On Tour 1988. I hope that you will record the "Give Me Jesus" song soon. I heard you sing this song 5 years ago in New Hampshire and fell in love the song. Please thank Kim Keyes for wearing her leather outfit. My husband now thinks I need to get one. I'm afraid Kim is in much better shape to wear that leather outfit than me! Merry Christmas! God Bless You and Your Family,


Hi Amy..wish I could have seen your show! I am sure it was incredible! I am loving "I Need a Silent Night" right now. Fabulous song!
Glad you got to shop in the L.L. Bean Store..a little jealous..haha! I love that place! :-)

Debbie & Randy Murray

My husband, mother and grandmother all went to the concert last night in Augusta. We were all incredibly moved and had a renewed sense of life & family on our way home. I have your first album Amy, and I still love it. Vince, you were engrained in my upbringing. My husband and I were country when country wasn't cool. And yes, the trumpet player's name is Mike, or was it Mark, Lark, or Hark. LOL, anyway, You made our evening special, more than we expected by far. The balance between your levity and compassion was well done. I have to say 4/5 cried when Vince sang the song for his brother, we all remember someone we miss this season. Amy, I am still singing the tune 'Tender Tennessee Christmas today', my husband wants to turn my volume off, LOL. You both were masterful in presenting a unified, loving relationship. The only thing that I missed was a song with Vince, Jenny and Amy. We don't have a lot of money in Maine, but we sure appreciate family and we do appreciate that you made the trek up north for us......Come see us in the summer, much better for you. You would be welcome anytime in my family.


Hey Amy,

Glad to hear you guys are having a good time out there on the road together! Surprise!!(lol!) LL Bean...I missed out on that...bummer...Honeymooned up north 7 years ago and wanted to get there but never made it off the island! Had a great time at Acadia and all the harbors though.

Wish I could make it to your show in Baltimore...we are about 45 minutes North in York, Pa. Couldn't afford both so this year I had a blast at LMO in Hershey...45 minutes North of where I live. I feel very blessed that you tour this area so often.

I will continue to lift all of you up in prayer...I will miss the warm embrace of your live show but am enjoying all of your Christmas cd's and tv appearances from here!

God bless all of you for doing what you do for all of us!

love, Trudi


My wife and I have appreciated your music for a long time. Any chance you might be touring through Canada some time soon? Please? I know Winnipeg has only about 700,000 people, but we have a great newer venue here that many professional artists are utilizing. Hope to see you in 2009!

Mary Ellen Fabinski-Tohidi

Dear Amy and her fans, I got Amy Grant new Christmas Album,last week it is great her best yet . How many christmas albums do you have.? My guest is 4. I wish you had a Christmas tour stop near Philly or South Jersey so I could see you again. I saw you in Morrristown NJ that was a very good concert. I am a two year cancer surviver . I just saw the famous preacher Joel Osteen in Philly 12-5-08;it was great. His mother is a 27 years cancer surviver. He talk about hope and not giving up on your dreams; or finding new dreams when one dies. Amy try to see him if you can in 2009. His 2009 dates are up already.It cost about $27.10 per person to see him.


Hi Amy
My entire family loved the show in Augusta Maine last night. I too was lucky enough to see you in Portland Maine during the Lead Me On Tour in Aug 88. I was doubly lucky to get to meet you afterwards.
When I found out you and Vince were doing a Christmas show in Maine it was a rush to the phone. A few weeks and 5+hrs of driving later we arrived in Augusta.
Fantastic show. It was honest, heart felt and a great way to once again focuse on the reason for the season.
Thanks for sharing your gift of music...That was "the highlight of my day/week/moth. Here is hoping I see you live again in less than 20 years!!
Merry Christmas
The Moore Family
P.S. Does Vince like Seafood :-)


Hi Amy,

Looking forward to seeing you and your hubby tomorrow night at Foxwoods Casino in CT. I'm brining my best-friend with me. We went to Vince's concert that the two of you did last summer in Wallingford, CT. The last time I saw your Christmas concert was back in 1998! I'm way over due.

I'll see you at the sound check if I can figure out what time I need to be there????

wayne allen

Hey Amy, Wish 2 to be able 2 attend another concert of yours! Unfortunately times are tough and can't afford another one this year! I very much enjoyed seeing u and the ole band again in upper darby, just a 'lil down, we didn't get a pic together this time! My friend was tired and we didn't stick around and get one, so next time, i will be an foa and be by myself if i have to.lol! Anyway, blessings be to you and family through the holidays! Have a great one! P.s. to a foa-great meeting Bobby J. n family!


Amy....you wanted to see snow....Connecticut aims to please!! Enjoy, my friend,God's gift to you.

Roxanne Ashey

Hi Amy,
My daughter, Sarah and I met you at sound check before the Augusta, Maine show (which was amazing by the way). I have been wishing I had told you what I have been waiting many years to-but didn't on that night because I didn't think it would come out as sincere as it is felt...and that is, a simple "thank you", thank you for being who you are and for how God has used you touch my soul. I came to know Jesus at the age of 10 in 1980, I grew up in a non Christian home and since the 80's your music has been the one constant in my life (besides God's love). As my life changed, it seemed as though your music evolved in synch, though a bad marriage, births of my children, struggles with my Christianity, a divorce, being displaced and a single mother from a house fire, and then finding love again and being a blended family. For each experience, there has been a song that has come at just the right time to reach the core of me the way nothing else can-and sometimes those songs were the thing that pulled me through some very hard days as well as help me reflect on the blessings I have. There are several artists that I enjoy both Christian and Pop/Rock, but you are the only one that I have never heard a song from that I didn't like. God has definitely used you in my life and I just wanted to say thank you for letting him. Meeting you on Friday night was one of the highlights in my life thus far-thank you for making yourself available-it was clear you are the same, sincere, reflective, compassionate, kind person your music portrays. If you don't make it to Maine or near by again-I look forward to saying hi again in Heaven, but hoping it won't be that long! I am already looking forward to the next time I see you in concert, just hoping it won't be another 14 years! God Bless and keep being you.-Roxanne


i'm always in the mood for christmas music! I'm away at school and I miss decorating the tree with my family every year. So last night my family called me while decorating the tree singing Christmas to Remember on my voice mail. That song is a special tradition in my family. Every year all of the kids have to stay in bed until my mommy is done making homemade hot cocoa. Then she BLASTS that song and we all waking up singing. This year my twin sister is a mommy and will help my mommy in the kitchen.


Hi, Amy & Vince!

Thanks for a great show at West Point!

Barbara Simko

I have been a fan of yours for over 20 years and have every one of your CD's. I attended the show this past Sunday evening at Foxwoods and was blown away. You and Vince put on an amazing show. That was the first concert of yours I was able to attend and had been looking forward to seeing you. At one point during the show I was just so overcome with emotion that I just sat there and cried. My 15 year old daughter attended and she really enjoyed the show also. I was supposed to attend the soundcheck but could not make it. I definitely look forward to seeing you again soon when you tour and look for the opportunity to meet you. Your music has been such a blessing in my life. God Bless you and Vince as well as your families.

Suzanne Mitchell

Hi Amy

My name is Suzanne, and I am from Vancouver, B.C.....Kelowna to be exact. I've been a long time fan of yours and have gone through the same experiences as you including divorce, children and blending families, and strangely enough all around the same time frame... I've seen your concerts back in the early days in Vancouver several times.... miss those times. I even have pictures of you sitting on the stage with scarfs on during one of your Christmas songs.
During my divorce I taught myself how to mosaic tile...it kept me from insanity, and i remember one day as i was smashing my tile how i became distraught and thought to myself how all the broken peices of tile represented how broken my life was, but God in his tender mercy showed me that, yes it was broken but that he would put it all back together just like the images I've learned to create in my mosaic designs..... Since then I've taken my art form to another level and now produce portraits. My new line is called "famously tiled" I've created several projects now including Oprah with Mya Angelo which auctioned off at a Cancer fundraiser,Sarah Macglauchlin which i still have, and am presently working on one of Obama, which I'm very proud of....I'm going to California next month to see if there is any interest in it.... I also plan to do one of you, as you have been a big part of my life....My desire is to continue to perfect my art form and to bring to life the people that inspire me in the form of small pieces of tile. If you are interested in seeing my pics, please let me know....I would love to present you with a one of a kind portrait.

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