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May 21, 2009


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I wish I had the summer break to look forward to, but my husband gets to stay at home with the kids right now while I support us. I'll envy you both whilst I sip my coffee on the way to work. ;)

I think the Challenge America is a wonderful thing that you're doing. My father is a LTC(retired) of the Army, who served in Vietnam as a very young man. He came home and had to deal with people throwing things at him when he walked down the street in his uniform. This same man had to knock on the doors of families who had lost a son, tell them this devastating news, and then stand tall while mothers cried on him. I don't know how anyone could do anything BUT support our troops. God bless you and everyone involved.

Have a lovely Memorial day,


You looked great on the TODAY show Amy!! Sorry about the blisters on your feet....those are the worst! The only thing I can compare it to is my recent horrible sun burn in Tampa, FL. I really enjoyed the show by the way. Your voice is stronger than ever. I must say, I hope you release the song "The best of us," or at least I think that is what it is called. That would be an awesome song to release along with the old tune "Turn, Turn, Turn." I think, Turn, Turn, Turn would be a perfect release to radio right now. With this economy being the way it is and the current war we're still in, it would be a symbol of hope to hear your version of that on the radio. We need it!!

Enjoy the beautiful weather and have a wonderful weekend!



Amy - I'll totally join you in hemming my jeans in hopes of never putting on another pair of heels. Flip flops it is! Thank you for your sweet spirit and ministry!

Zoe W

Great to hear from you Amy, do your school summers really start now - 2 mths to go in the uk!!
Glad to hear that you enjoyed meeting old friends, I am really enjoying your new music.

Love the video for She Colours My Day - what a beautiful piece.

Thank you for being you and for sharing and enjoy the lay ins.

Kelly H-Y

Loved your post ... made me smile! LOVE, love, love 'She Colors My Day' and the video!

Julie Fidler

"She Colors My Day" is amazing, FYI.
Forgot to throw that in. :-)

Mary Kean

Amy Amy Amy Amy.....It was a "too long" time! Yours is the only blog I've managed to keep my password to. In the working world - I only have fifty others to keep up with.....I'm not that organized!

My best friend had my "unexpected" God Daughter at your age too. She is 13 now - and she always always gives a big Hallelujah shout out bout this time of year. Looking forward to summer hours. Anyway - she's a little ahead of you on age - and still standing strong. You can make it - Amy! We love your new songs. We love how God uses you to help us to remember we don't have to be afraid EVER - no matter. And things can get scary with our kids sometimes today in this wacky world.

Keep Up The Good Stuff -We love ya more than a frisky flea loves a fluffy dog!

Lead On - Amy! So good to hear from YOU!


Amen Sistah on both the flip flop idea- and no more alarms for a couple of months. I am ready to dive into summer full force.


Thanks to Amy and Vince for their generous spirit in participating in the recent Nashville Jr. League's Celebrities Kitchen Tour. A couple of tickets served a dual purpose, one, an opportunity to contribute to the NJL's good works, and, two, an early birthday gift to a wonderful niece. My niece and I agreed that Amy's home was our favorite. It was beautiful, and its warmth reflected that 'real' down-to-earth'people, a real family lives there. We both felt it was like walking into our own homes.
Shoes? Who needs them? except, of course, during cold weather.


Hey Amy! I found your blog through our mutual friend Matthew Paul Turner. You may remember me, I wrote the Songs of Praise special you did for DirecTV. We sat in the choir area, wondering how to get substantive dialog into that show. Ha, as if that was going to happen. I just read the blog entry about the song you wrote about your grandmother's tree. That made me tear up .. it is so impossible to see the long view from wherever we are standing, but the more days I can string together standing up, the better chance I have of seeing the long view: god's perspective. BTW I published a comedy memoir. Angry Conversations With God. www.angryconvos.com. I will be on tour with Donald Miller this fall and I'm sure we will drive through Nashvegas. All the best to you. And thanks for reminding me of the long view I usually don't see! Susan Isaacs

Michelle Ferguson

Your comment about adding extra butter to your food the rest of the day made me laugh :) Paula Dean is liberating that way. As are flip flops.

Laura B

I'm a huge fan of Paula Deen too. I took my best friend to her show at the Civic Center and it was the funniest thing I ever saw. We didn't stop laughing for two hours!
Love me some Lady and Sons. I order lunch to go when working down there (don't have to wait for the lines).

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