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August 01, 2009


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Absolutely precious! :)

James Waddell

cute story amy...guess, vince needs to shine up his dancin' shoes...


Simply delightful; thanks for sharing, Amy! :-)

Suzy Hayden

Aw, that reminds me of the time just recently. I was helping out with our community theater for a play, in which there is 60's style dancing. I sat on the end seat. At the end of the show, the old man that was playing the Fray came out and asked me to dance in the last scene where everyone in the cast was dancing. I had forgotten how much fun it was to dance. Like you, I too am married to a man who does not dance. I guess the Lord knows how to fulfill our dancing dreams. That was a nice story. Thanks for sharing it. Hope your bike was still there.

lori oakley

I love it!!!!!

Robin Woebkenberg

Fabulous story...love those unexpected, priceless, memories! Thanks for sharing, and I love that you didn't evem have to lock up your bike.


I sure dew miss me some Amy Grant - what a lovely story!


Thank you for sharing this experience, Amy. It makes me want to get off my rump and go fulfill new experiences! I'm going for a bike ride!

Allen Delk

That`s funny!!

You just need to take Vince to a dancing class,ha! I bet he wouldn`t go.


That's awesome! You'll never know what you'll find downtown. Amy, I'm glad you're here. Have a great visit!


Hey...some guys just don't feel as comfortable dancing! It's not the end of the world. :)


What a delightfully great time! No doubt Amy made a memory for Bob, just as Bob did for Amy!

Alan Carver

It is great to have unexpected experiences that like! My younger sister swing dances . . . she has tried to get her older brother to join in - just for the heck of it I might sign up for a class - now if I can just get these 42 year old knees and legs a shaking - hey if Bob can - so can I!


Wonderful! If my life (I'm 23) is as blessed as yours, I would feel so...well...blessed! I hope to marry someone one day that loves to dance.

Suzanne Schaffer

What a great story! I'm glad you had fun and met what's left of Bob (that line is hysterical!)


Amy, thanks for sharing. Your spontaneity and sense of adventure is refreshing.


LOL! What great story Amy...you made my morning. I see a song in the making. It's all about life experiences and sharing them hey? Thanks Amy.

Janice C.

Bob is adorable! Hope Vince is gonna start dancing with you more! :-)

Zoe W

Thanks for the story Amy, I love it, you describe scenes so clearly...life is for living... and enjoying life is such an important choice....on good days and bad....


I've never been a big fan of dancin'. Bob may be old, but he ain't dead yet.

I can imagine Vince could have a quick zinger for that old,old, old man.

Michelle Burrill

That's such a sweet, hilarious story!

Kathy Schwanke

That is so cute. The most heartwarming thing is elderly people loving to dance! My parents have had a rocky relationship over the years, but whenever they are on a dance floor, all the conflict is gone. It blesses my heart!

Thanks for sharing a beautiful story!


So sweet! My 83 year old parents still catch moments to dance. Now they are few and far between as my Dad has been in the hospital since March 3rd of this year, but they still take every opportunity to make memories.

Praying some new experiences will take me dancing. :) If "Bob" didn't learn to dance until 67, there's still hope for me!


Julie Todd

I just found your blog through someone else. I'm sure you don't have time to visit blogs, but if you did, I'd sure welcome a visit from you. I love meeting new people...

I remember when I first heard you sing back in the 80's.... "My Father's Eyes".... It became a fast favorite... I'm a Tennessee girl myself, (Chattanooga)...

Recently Papa God brought the words to that song back to me when I was sitting down to write. (I write devotionals for a ministry blog and my own)... It was sweet to sit with the words and consider what He was saying to me all these years down the road.

I loved this post here and the beautiful picture is presented. It's amazing the things that God invites us into in life. Looks like you just experienced "the dance".... This post gives a brilliant picture of the "invitation of the dance"....

Thank you!


Amy, this is too sweet!!! What a precious experience and I KNOW you made that man's day!!! In the meantime, I'm sending my dance instructor/friend Keith to make a housecall to Vince!!! I'm looking forward to hearing of more "Tangoing and Two-steppin'" from you two!!! ;-)

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