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January 13, 2010


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Jan S.

I am so excited to learn Amy is having a new CD coming in March!!!


Can't wait...love the cover art!


Ms. Cooke,
Can you please shed some light on why "Be Still" is not listed on any of the track listing for the new album? That is such a powerful track and definitely one of my favorites from Amy. Any chance it can be added to a special edition or something like that? Or sell it as a single on I Tunes? I really want to be able to put this on my IPod and just "Be Still"...


Carrie Ben-Ezra

I am very, very disappointed that "Threaten Me With Heaven" isn't on the album. I have been listening to Amy since 1979-the year I was born-and I love her. But this "new" album seems, dare I say it, a bit lazy. Only a couple of the 12 songs are actually new. I'm sure I'll love the the new songs, but I certainly won't be purchasing the whole album.

May I ask why such songs as the above mentioned and "What the Angels See" and "Better Not to Know" weren't included?


Carrie - Vince has decided to record "Threaten Me With Heaven" for his new album. I'm sorry you are disappointed and think it is a "lazy" effort by Amy. She picked the songs she felt the best about for this special "thematic" collection, including several new songs: "Better Than A Hallelujah," "Overnight," "Find What You're Looking For," "Third World Woman (Haiti)," and "Hard Times." She is also including some rarities that fans have been asking for - "Come Into My World," "Unafraid," and "What Is The Chance of That," and a few catalogue songs that round out the record and a re-record of a classic song, "Arms Of Love." It is the record she wanted to put out at this point in her career.

Carrie Ben-Ezra

I'm glad to hear that Vince is recording "Threaten Me With Heaven".

Thank you for responding. Looking back, I regret saying "lazy" -it's so easy to spew words out when typing like this. I know that Amy and many people worked very hard on this album. Second time in two days that I got in "trouble" when posting things! I got a Droid "smartphone" and I'm posting where I've never posted before. I apologize.

But I do hope that she records some of the new songs that she has preformed live!

Debby Cummings

I'm glad Amy is pleased with this new CD. I wish her much deserved success. As someone who is close to Amy's age, I know it has to be so great to share something special witb your children.



I think a lot of the confusion about this album is that the track listing seems to keep changing by the minute. Not that there's anything wrong with that, but it is now different from what the retail stores were originally listing as the track listing. It does seem to be an evolving project(ie the addition of Haiti, and Find What your Looking For). I just got excited when Billboard reported she was recording "Be Still" and now it is not going to be on the new cd. Oh well, I guess we all have our favorites.


Dan - I understand the confusion but the truth of the matter is that we have never had a final track listing until this week but the record company has to feed information into their system in a timely fashion and so they update it with the info they have at the time. This project completely morphed in the last 6 months. It started as a complete "catalogue" project with one or two re-records driven by EMI. But then when Amy heard "Better Than A Hallelujah" and wanted to record it, the label wanted to include it on this cd as a new song... and from there we started piecing other new songs that fit the theme of the record...the journey of faith... We would sit with one track listing for a few days and then change it up because we had what we believed was a better idea. In the end, it is an album that Amy is very excited about and filled with a lot more new material than anyone originally intended...



I am a little disappointed that the album won't be full of new songs by Amy Grant. It has been 7 years since the last pop cd...so with that in mind, you'd think Amy would make it a point to release all new music. I think part of the problem is Amy may be taking her fans for granted. Most singers like Brad Paisley and Lifehouse make it a point to release new music every 2 to 3 years. Why can't she?

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